Education Committee: Rebecca Sexton 

Legislative Committee: Attorney, Kendell G. Vonckx

Membership Committee Jessie Brown & Daisy Marcano

Technology Committee: Dave Brogdon

Special Events: Kristy Corley

Get involved on an AAGK Committee!

Committee members are expected to fully participate in activities as defined by the committee’s plan of work, and act in good faith and in accordance with what they believe to be in the best interests of the association. Prior to each meeting, you will receive an agenda outlining the purpose and goals of the meeting.

Education: The Education Committee has a focus on providing educational programs to all members of the AAGK. The committee decides on programs, topics, and speakers to present to the Membership. The committee is also responsible for creating original course material to be presented to the membership. Other responsibilities of the Education Committee include:

 Continuing to offer NAA’s Designation Courses, with some course modules acting as stand-alone training opportunities

 Promoting the professionalism of on-site staff through original course work in apartment management basics and affordable housing.

 Identifying potential instructors in the association and develop them as trainers.

 Seeking approval of the AAGK education programs for related or industry-related credit from the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.

Legislative: The Legislative Committee works with our state and national associations to keep abreast of issues related to our industry. The committee will work to educate AAGK members of legislation impacting the multi-family industry and action alerts asking members to contact their legislators regarding pending legislation. This committee also stages Voter Registration Drives in election years and spearheads efforts to raise Political Action Committee (PAC) funds for facilitating state and federal government environments supportive of the apartment industry.

Membership: The Membership Committee is responsible for building membership and encouraging membership retention by forming and maintaining relationships with members, in addition to promoting members using members. Membership committee members are also responsible for recruiting new members. To be a part of this committee you should be a supportive member of the AAGK, interested in people, be dependable, caring, encouraging and a good listener, be willing to commit the time and effort necessary to be effective in establishing and maintaining member relationships.

Technology: Are you one of those people who hold a special interest or talent with computers, the web, or social media, then this committee is for you! The AAGK is looking for a small group of people to assist with keeping the association up to date in the ever changing technology arena!

Special Events: The Special Events Committee places focus on planning and promoting the AAGK’s Special Events: Monte Carlo, Trade Show, Maintenance Mania, and the Golf Tournament.

 Monte Carlo-This event is the AAGK’s fundraiser for the year. Members of this committee are responsible for planning key components of the event, selling tickets to the event, soliciting door prizes and setting up the day of the event.

 Trade Show-This event highlights AAGK Associate members. Members of this committee are responsible for obtaining Associate involvement and promotion of the event to the AAGK membership.

 Maintenance Appreciation-This event emphasizes an appreciation for maintenance personnel. Team building, appreciation, and competition are the goals of this event. Committee members are responsible for soliciting sponsorships, participation, and team spirit to the AAGK Membership, obtaining media promotion for the multi-family housing industry, and determining awards.

 Golf Committee-Be a part of planning the AAGK’s Golf Tournament. The committee is responsible for planning all aspects of the tournament: Location/Date/Time/Selling Sponsorships/Selling Teams/Award Selection/Cost.

Committee Registration